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Havengore and Potton Bridges

Havengore Bridge                                                      Potton Bridge

Our yard can be approached from the River Roach and the Middleway around Potton Island or via the two local bridges:
Potton bridge
Offers entry into the River Roach just upstream of Paglesham. The River Roach leads to the River Crouch. The bridge is operational 2 hours either side of every high tide, day or night, and can be contacted on 01702 219491 or VHF channel 72.
Havengore bridge
Offers direct entry into the River Thames. Over the last few years due to its age Havengore Bridge had become increasingly unreliable. In 2020 QinetiQ, who operate the Foulness site on behalf of the MOD, carried out an in depth refurbishment of the bridge. It is now fully operational and reliable. Opening times can vary; technically the bridge is open 2 hours either side of high tide in the hours of daylight but not when the range is operative. This generally means that, irrespective of tides, you cannot pass between the hours of around 6am to 6pm Monday to Thursday and 6am to around 1pm Friday. You can contact the bridge by calling 01702 383463 or VHF channel 72 (Call sign 'Shoe Bridge') or for more information contact Wakering boatyard.



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